Impress Your GF With One Follower

In the midst of a heated Twitter feud with ex Nicki Minaj, Meek Mill dubbed Milan Harris ‘my girl’ in a recent tweet. Learn more about the pregnant fashion designer who’s captured Meek’s heart. Milan Rouge Harris, 30, was thrust into the limelight after bitter exes Nicki Minaj, 37, and Meek Mill, 32, got into a heated Twitter feud on Wednesday, Feb. 5! Though the couple have since moved on — Nicki married her high school sweetheart Kenneth Petty and Meek is in a relationship with Milan — there’s evidently still bad blood between them. In one of Nicki’s tweets, she implied that fashion designer Milan is “embarrassed” by Meek, leading the rapper to finally confirm that the 30-year-old entrepreneur is, in fact, his “girl” and pregnant! Here’s 5 things to know about Milan Rouge Harris.

1. She’s pregnant. Milan and Meek Mill have been romantically linked for the past year, but neither publicly confirmed they were an item. Speculation continued when the pair were seen enjoying a romantic tropical getaway in Oct. 2019, but Meek didn’t confirm she was “his girl” until he engaged in a heated Twitter feud with ex Nicki Minaj. “My girl is with me pregnant watching me tweet about my ex is very clownish … Ima exit,” Meek posted. Milan confirmed her pregnancy late last year at her annual Milano Di Rouge fashion show. Just days ago, Meek commented with several trophy emojis on a sultry photo Milan posted in a fitted black dress! 2. She’s the founder of Milano Di Rouge. The Insta-ready streetwear brand has legions of celebrity fans including her boo, Meek Mill, along with Cardi B and Chris Brown. The unisex label was a spinoff of Milan’s popular blog, 

and continues the website’s motivational theme. Online, the brand describes themselves as an “apparel brand that focus on providing affordable luxury to the fashion enthusiast.” The company also asdds that it’s  “it’s never to late to follow your dreams.” 3. She’s from Philadelphia. Milan was born Johnika Harris on April 26, 1989 in Pennsylvania. She’s proud of her Philly roots, and even opened her very first Milano di Route boutique in her hometown back in 2016. The former blogger also earned the designer-in-residence slot at the Philadelphia Fashion Incubator, and remains involved in the local fashion scene. “I’m from the bottom of West Philadelphia,” Milan spilled in an interview with 21ninety. “I was built to survive. My ambition is that of a refined street hustler.” 4. She was a hair stylist.

Milan originally applied her creative skills in a hair salon, but ultimately realized she wasn’t fulfilled. “I wasn’t passionate as a hairstylist,” she said in an interview with 21ninety. “Doing something for income only wasn’t satisfying as my lifetime goal. A client of mine suggested I start blogging because I always provided them with great insights on life and style topics,” she continued, referencing her popular lifestyle website that she still contributes to.

5. She had a public feud with H&M. The fashion mogul was embroiled in an online battle with the Swedish fast fashion retailer in 2018 after they sold shirts that looked like her signature Milano Di Rouge “Dlano” button-down. While her version sells for $78.00 online, H&M’s copycat version was only $14.99. “When you purchase a bottle of Hennessy for $300.00+ at your favorite club, you do not stop the purchase because a liquor store may sale the same bottle for $30, nor do you accuse the club or promoter of ‘trying to scam you,’” Milan posted in an emotional statement on Instagram. “You support these businesses in exchange for the great food and great experience (the ambience) that they provide! You understand the business behind the pricing and buy into the atmosphere,” she continued.